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hello again. a live look at the capitol hill. the "lion of the senate" decide overnight. senator edward kennedy died overnight. can we go back to the shot of the capitol? it's less than 40 miles away from tv hill. you can clearly see the spotlights illuminating the capitol showing off humidity that is in our portion of the mid-at land tech. go ahead and take a look at the day part. it's going to be a sunny day. it's going to be a hot day. temperatures almost ten above normal. 89 degrees at lunch. 92 out of the glare this evening. it won't be that comfortable. it will be a tad more humidity than yesterday. but what really got our attention is right there. that is going to become danny at time that.
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going to impact your area. how so? that is -- bernadette woods suggested this track. and other forecasting centers are falling in line with that. you slay a pretty big storm at the mouth of the chesapeake bay between 5:00 and 8:00 a.m. saturday morning. how about wednesday's way to work and/or school? here is sharon gibala. we started off with this wreck on 95 northbound at 295. it's still blocking the two right lanes. a little slow getting by the accident scene. but over all, volume is not too great at this point. hopefully they'll get that clear before we get rush hour going. in the meantime, watch for a problem in the city. gas main break blocking west fayette. traffic being detoured on to park avenue. and then they want drivers to take a left on saratoga.
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there's a live look at the west side of the beltway. problem free at liberty road. everything looking good at 95 and the fort mchenry tunnel. remember. wjz is always on massachusetts senator edward kennedy has passed away. the tributes are starting to pour in from around the world, including the president and nearby martha's vinyard. we look back at the senator's life and legsy. >> reporter: massachusetts senator edward kennedy died at his home surrounded by loved ones after a yearlong battle with brain cancer. in a statement, kennedy's family said we've lost the irreplaceable center of our family and joy us light in our lives. but the inspiration of his faith, optimism and perseverance will live on in our hearts forever. president obama released a statement saying that the u.s.
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has lost, quote, the greatest u.s. senator of our time. and massachusetts residents are also more than being the loss. >> it's sad, sad. >> it's an impact for the whole country, especially on the political level. >> reporter: known to his friends and family as teddy, kennedy was a dominant force in the u.s. senate for nearly a half century. as the third longest-serving senator, he put his touch on every major piece of legislation that cleared congress. on capitol hill, the flag is flying at half-staff. kennedy's death will leave a gaping hole in the senate. last week, we learned he asked massachusetts leaders to change the law that regulates how he's replaced. current and state law requires a special election to take place nearly five months after the vacancy. but kennedy wanted the govern to avalentine a temporary replacement in the interim. early this morning, senate majority leader harry reid promised that congress would
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continue to push for hormone, a lifelong cause of kennedy's. the lion's mighty roar may fall silent but his dream shall never die. senator edward kennedy was 77. the senator's death comes two weeks after the death of his sister. kennedy's health prevented him from append -- attending her funerall service. governor is brought lining his plans to close the state's $750 million budget gap. and he wants to lay off more than 200 state workers and that has many outrammed. mary is live outside the state plex. >> reporter: people are not sure if they'll have a job or
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not in the future. as deep budget cuts set in for state workers, detail will be released today about which departments will lose employees. >> they're not gibb unlessing at us gosh -- nipping at us anymore, this governor is take bites. >> reporter: in all, the state is cutting $736 million from the budget, 60% that have coming from state agencies. 29% is coming from aid to local government and 11 percent from state employees. >> we have one simple intention, and that is to get maryland through the other side of this resession as quickly as possible with as much of our priorities intact. >> why does it always us that are to pay in. >> reporter: the state employees say furloughs hurt
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them last year enough. and said their voices will be heard. the last time we did it because of save state jobs. so the state employees didn't come out and say anything. here we're back again. another furlough and more of our state employees are still losing be jobs. >> i can't stretch it any further. i'm robbing priester to paul every month. and i see that going on and on. >> reporter: the governor and the lieutenant of give back as some of their salary as part of the state budget cutting process. we'll see what happens at the department of public works today. stay with "wjz eyewitness news" for complete coverage of the latest budget cuts and for a closer look at the plan and how we got to this place go to a look at where the economy is heading in the future according to the white house budget office, the economy will shrink almost 3% this year. and unemployment is expected to
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reach 10%. and the look for the upcoming decade is staggering. the debt is expected to reach $9 trillion. the overseas markets are having mixed reactions to that. the coast guard plans to talk more today about a new report about the inspections that operate on the water harbor this comes five years after one of those boats capsized and killing people. >> reporter: march 6th 2004, the lady dean water taxi capsizedded in baltimore's harbor, killing five people. >> there were three of us sitting in the boat. >> reporter: the boat left fort mchenry with 25 people on board when a fast-moving microburst
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stormed into the bay. people were tossed into the waters. >> it started to rain and then a first, sec and third gust of wind came along and the boat flipped upside down. and i thought this is the day that the three of us go together. >> reporter: tom pierce survived. his wife and daughter did not. and five years and five months later. the coast guard is issue ewing the final report on the accident. they list a number of factors that led to the pontoon boat capsizing. >> coast guard's primary focus has been on insuring the safety of the pangs that go on the vessels. >> reporter: the coast guard is recommending some changes, including adjusting the average passenger weight size and allow fewer people on board. they want to ensure all vessels are tested regularly and find out which ones are at a higher
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risk ofover turning. the national weather service has weighed in. a saying that the forecasters did not give a timely warning of that advancing storms. the bird would keep it close last night including a big hit from michael aubrey. but the twin was rally pulling ahead in the last inning and the orioles lose 6-5. they try to avoid a sweep as they face the twins in minnesota again this evening. i want to promote something coming up. i did this half an hour ago and i want to do it again. that's the website of the baltimore city public schools. on the left is dr. alonso. we had him here for "coffee with".
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i didn't realize we were interviewing dr. alonso till i came in that morning. i thought, great. another bureaucrat is going to ruin any breakfast break. in walks a man with no entourage and blew us away. it's one of the most standup guys you'll ever want to miss. one of the most impressive men that have ever been on the show. >> i was not disappointed. >> you won't either. this "coffee with" is about the man. and you're going to be build over. this guy is the real deal. a very nice man who has some standup principles. and then there's the job as school ceo. so impressive was he, that we decided we would do a web extra
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that is also on if you can't join us on air, join us on the "coffee with" on air. and you'll never watch dr. al loan sew on a tv sound bite the same way. you'll absolutely know him. >> will do. take a look outside. it's a beautiful day start. a tad bit more humid than yesterday, slightly warmer. it will be hot this afternoon. we're going ten degrees above normal. we're going to be a high of 93. some folks may see a little ground fog. otherwise, mostly sunny and it's going to feel hot this afternoon. enjoy it while we have it. mike is on federal hill. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i thought you were talking about me. >> we weren't? >> we did there right there at the end.
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>> reporter: i love you. >> you want you to come on one morning in your bike outfit. did you ride your bike down there this morning? >> i rode into work. i didn't ride down here because i would be a sweaty mess. >> reporter: my theory if you ride into work and you commute into work, you should give motorists a fair warning. i got blinky lights and knee -- neon green. >> they have seen you from the international space station, mike. >> reporter: so you got two daddies, two babies and a need and a entrepreneurial spirit. and you get this. this is called the snug gi seat. we'll explain what it's all about when "wjz eyewitness
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6:17. i keep checking the national hurricane center's weather
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site. at any time this could become tropical storm danny. this is going to be a problem for us. watch warning advisory graphic right now is clean. that's not going to stay the case as this is the suggested track. this is the unofficial suggested track of danny. bernadette woods made this graphic for us to use this morning. this is her suggested track of this tropical event, the fourth trap call event of the year that. brings danny to the mouth of the chesapeake bay between 5:00 and 8:00 a.m. saturday morning. the hurricane center will start to put out their warnings. everything will will fall in line. bernadette woods doesn't neat to go before congress and get her budget approved so she can go on a limb and say i think this is what is going to happen. but we'll have some problems friday and saturday.
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76 in ocean city. the low 70s in packs river and east in washington d.c. and hagerstown. oakland at 61 degrees. 68 at westminster. 07 columbia. -- 70 columbia. you remember last weekend we had the front in the area that steered bill away. now we have another front sitting to the west. could it do the same? 93 today, sunny and hot. that remains to be seen. 67 and partly cloudy overnight. tomorrow a garden variety chance of spotty thunderstorm, not a big issue. we've seen a downgrade happen in the five-day forecast friday and saturday. a big question mark, danny. hope null clear is sunday and monday. here the get up and go with sharon. it's going a little better on 95. we finally cleared up that accident at 295 in the northbound lane. so everything is running smoothly there. we have a fewer other issues.
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a gas main break in the city. traffic is being detoured on park avenue and drivers are to a left on saratoga. and fire activity in the city as well on hilton street and massachusetts avenue. there's a live look the 95 and 295-6789 you see everything running at full speed. traffic looking if on the west side of the beltway. everything is running at full speed also on the inner an out tear loop. this is brought to you by toyota and your local toyota dealer. toyota, moving forward, back over to you, don. >> reporter: the cool thing as a reporter i'm a professional listener. people say how did you get that story how did you know about that? people told us. so out in the real world, people come to us all the time and say that they have a story. about 99% of the time they don't. but that's okay. but the trick is to be
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listening. so we're on a story and a guy said do i have a story for you. and than rather than play the 99% odds. saw say tell me about it and that's how we came to find out about mr. snuggy here. it's 7:00 in the morning. >> this is the original type that we sent to the supplier. it is the pink monkey for girls. what we have here is the brown monkey. >> reporter: he and another dad, mike pearson designed this, the snuggy seat. the baby sits in a foam donut with a built-in headrest and carry handle when empty. >> we did not try to reevent
6:22 am
the wheel. we wanted to improve upon it by 15, 20%. it's easy to care for. you can throw it in the wash machine and clean it up in a few seconds. >> reporter: the fact that two dads came up with this, turned out to be a sales tool. and though something like this seems obvious, they have a patent pending. >> the snuggy seat is the only baby support pillow that provides total body support from head, neck and body. >> reporter: this week at a trade show in atlanta, a store signed up to get the seat what is next, new fab griggs? >> they say do you make one in an adult side and can i get my favorite football team colors? >> reporter: so it would appear to me till they come out with
6:23 am
the adult size, people will have to bore rethe baby's. they've been selling quite a few on their website. they're in about 20 different stores in and around the area. so two guys, entrepreneurial spirits and they go out and geting it done. i think that is cool and big success for them because there's a lot of grandparents and baby shower people buying stuff like this. >> you looked pretty comfortable. >> reporter: one of the most uncomfortable positions in the world so hold my neck up so i can see the camera. i'd be like this an out. to make eye contact with you, i'm struggling, truthfully. >> when the police come up and
6:24 am
say move along, buddy, say, yes, i will. >> officer, talk to the monkey. we're taking a break and coming right back. you all stay with us.
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good morning. it is wednesday morning and it's a fine day. take a look at the outlook. it's beautiful. we're talking about -- you may see a little bit ground fog this morning. 93 will be the high this day. partly cloudy and 67 tonight. tomorrow 85, garden variety chance of thunderstorms and then all bets are off. i'm waiting till 6:30 to see if that tropical weather gets the name danny. right now bernadette woods thinks that storm is coming about that close to your neighborhood on saturday. we'll discuss that. yet to come on our morning edition... >> reporter: the flag is flying at half-staff after the death of senator edward kennedy. the latest is coming up. unsettling new detail about the man found dead inside his baltimore county home. the man that operated this ice
6:28 am
cream shop on ricers town -- reisterstown road. i'll have the details next. >> reporter: who will be cut is an uncertainty this morning for the state workers. if you're just headed out, right now we don't have any delays, but we have a gas main break in the city. we'll tell you where that is blocking. coming up on "coffee with" city school ceo, the big teacher dr. alonso i didn't knows us on "coffee with". you're going to meet the guy, not necessarily job. i think you're going to be blown away. i mean that. coming up, the morning edition continues right after this.
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it's a very, very nice day to start. you can take a look at downtown baltimore. it's nice on this day on the 26th of august. take a look at the forecast. you see a tad bit of humidity out there. but it's not as uncomfortable as you would expect on a day like this in august. it's going to get hot this afternoon. 92 out of the glare of the sun this evening. it will be hot but not uncomfortable. but that's got our attention and it should have yours too. that will be named danny at any given moment and danny is making a run at the mouth of the chesapeake bay. saturday morning between 5:00 and 8:00 can be interesting. next vying for your attention is sharon. good morning. we have a gas main break in the city and that is blocking a road, a major road.
6:33 am
it's going to block west fayette between park avenue and utah street. and you see that blocked between fayette and saratoga. the traffic is being detoured from fayette to park avenue and then over to saratoga. watch for the fire activity in the city on hilton street and massachusetts. no delays just yet at the beltway. and no problems in and/or out of the fort mchenry tunnel. the top of the news, the nation is reacting to the death of massachusetts senator edward kennedy. he passed away overnight after a year-long battle with brain cancer. he was 77. >> reporter: massachusetts senator edward kennedy died at
6:34 am
his home surrounded with loved ones. in a statement, his family said that we've lost the irreplaceable center of our family and joyious light in our lives. but the inspiration of his faith, optimism and perseverance will live on in our hearts forever. today president obama released a statement saying that the u.s. has lost, quote, the greatest united states senator of our time. local massachusetts residents are also mourning the loss of the popular senator. >> sad, sad. >> it's an impact for the whole current, especially on the political level. >> reporter: known to his friends and family as ted ditch. he was a dominant force in the u.s. senate for nearly a half century. he put his touch on every major police of legislation that cleared congress. on capitol hill, the flag is flying at half-staff. kennedy's death will leave a gaping hole in the senate. just last week we learned that he asked massachusetts leaders to change the law that
6:35 am
regulates how he's replaced. current and state law requires a special elocation to take place nearly five months after the vacancy. but kennedy wanted the governor to appoint a temporary replacement so the democrats would not lose a voice in the hormone. harry reid promised to push for the hormone, a lifelong fight for kennedy's. senator senator edward kennedy was 77. -- senator edward kennedy was 77. for more on the death of kennedy and stories about his career and life, good to there's another tory vying for the headlines here in maryland. the governor has outlined the plan to close the state's $750 million budget deficit. he wants to lay off more than 200 state workers and more
6:36 am
furloughs and that has manyout rained. we're live on the story downtown. >> reporter: that's right. good morning. we're standing in front of the state office building. and state workers are heading in this morning. it's going to be a tough day because they may learn specifics in terms of the state workers that will be laid off. as deep budget cuts set in for state workers, detail will be released today about which employees will be laid off. nearly 70,000 state employees will be furloughed and the highest paid will lose two week's salary and the low will will get by with three days without pay. and the take the is cutting $736 million from the budget. 60% of that coming from state
6:37 am
agency, 20% from local governments and 11 percent from state employees. >> we have one intention and that is to get maryland through the other side of this resession as quickly as possible. >> why does it always have to be us to pay? why does it have to be us? >> reporter: state employees said that furloughs last year hurt them enough and said this time their voices will be heard. >> the last time question to save state jobs. here we're back again, another furlough and more of our state employees are still losing jobs. >> i can't stretch it any further. i'm rob peter every month. and i see that going on and on. >> reporter: by law the state of maryland must balance the budget. board of public works will vote on cuts later this morning. stay with "wjz eyewitness news" for coverage of these budget cuts and for a closer
6:38 am
look at the plan. for a closer look go to three men are waking up behind bars facing several charges of rape dating back to late last month when two men accepted a ride from the men and then they held them by knifepoint and they took turns raping them. and then two weeks later another woman was sexually assaulted. she took down a partial license number and the police say that information led them to the three men in custody. a mysterious murder in baltimore county and now more tee tail are coming to death about a man shot to death inside his parents' home. >> reporter: police are aggressively looking for the people that murder michael greenberg. >> they phone the victim dead in a pool of blood on the kitchen floor. he had been shot put mill times in the upper body. >> reporter: detectives are digging into greenberg's past for clues.
6:39 am
they ran a well-known camp in virginia. his friends remembered him being loving and fun. he also operated this ice cream shop on reisterstown road. in. the victim told police that greenberg asked would you ever sexually pleasure me? that he went on to say i've been split up with my wife for six months and been celibate. records also show that the couple was to appear in court tuesday morning to settle a dispute over their home. the issue has been resolved. and next door neighbor that considers himself aening he will to the couple's eight and 11-year-old speaks highly of them. >> we want the kids to have a peaceful life now and the future. >> reporter: but peace may be hard to find till the police
6:40 am
find the shooter. >> there was no forced entry. the house was not ransacked or robbed. that leads investigators to believe that he knew the killer and the killer was there on a mission. >> reporter: police are not aware of any link between greenberg's past charges and his murder. they can't stress enough how important any public information it is to help them snowfall case. -- them solve this case. an award is available for any information to an arrest and conviction. customer agents said that a woman tried to get through security with cocaine in her bra. she is now under arrest. turning to support the ravens are still flying high after another big preseason
6:41 am
game against the yet. second year linebacker shined as he made a statement about the jets and their head coach. >> their third preseason game is saturday night against the carolina panthers, who say are going to make a lot of noise in the nfc. some seem to think that this is the most important of the preseason games. it's a final evaluations for a lot of folks that will take place. and going into the forth game, things have to be mentally set. so saturday night big doings against the carolina panthers. go ravens, go. coming on "coffee with" we have been promoting this since 5:20. it's rare that someone comes in
6:42 am
the studio and totally knocks us off our socks. >> or knocks or socks offer. >> exactly. the ceo of baltimore city schools came in to do and interview. we thought it was school is starting and what are your correctations? it turned out to be a discussion about the man behind the job, not necessarily the job. this is a man that don nor i had met previous to our sit down chat. and what an impressive man. when you hear the road he took to come to baltimore, maryland, you're going to go, you got to be kidding. >> it would be nice if herb had the chance to talk one-on-one. >> it sure would be. but you'll have that chance to listen in coming up. the roads are bia -- are a bit more crowded than they were
6:43 am
last week school in session. you stay tuned. the morning edition continue
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it is a beautiful sunrise. it will be a fine day. high temperatures around 93 degrees. that's the beginning of the story. before this day, we got to talk about what is going to get the name danny at any moment. it's about 350 miles northeast of the haiti and dominican republic. the watch warning and advisory graph stick totally clear right now. and the coastal advisories have been dropped because of the effects of bill. i'm expecting this to be very active. it will most likely take a track just off the carolina capes and potentially be at the mouth of the chesapeake bay between 5:00 and 8:00 a.m. saturday morning. the strong side of a tropical low is the east side. but given that, look at what is
6:47 am
going to come over the area. we have real problematic weather of tropical nature potentially in here late friday and through is it a. we'll watch this closely for you. i keep which canning the national hurricane center. it still hasn't given it a name but it's just a matter of time. 72 in washington d.c. and easton 60. 61 in oakland, six westminster. 67 bel-air. 72 in rock hall, washington d.c. 73. now, remember last weekend we had the front come through the area and knock bill offcourse. could that happen again? but right now we're not -- we just don't really understand the dynamic that going to happen friday and saturday with the front. it kind of stalls out here.
6:48 am
and then boom, the low doesn't move and gets trapped. so there's a couple of different scenarios we got to watch closely here. friday and saturday are going to be problematic. 93 today and we'll are a little sweat. tomorrow 85 and partly sunny. that is your spotty afternoon thundershower on a late day in august. here's your five-day forecast. you put a big question mark right here. there's been a downgrade from yesterday and there will be more. tomorrow 85, 82 sunday and 82 on monday. here to help you lot your track sharon. we have the first delay of the morning. take a look at the west side of the beltway. the outer loop running slow from liberty road to baltimore national pike. a new accident in cockeysville. this is gas leak is between
6:49 am
park avenue and utah. utah is blocked between fayette and saratoga. and fire activity on the hilton street. there's a live look at 95, starting to get a little slow there at white marsh boulevard. you'll have to tap your brakes a few times there. over to you guys. in this morning's "coffee with" is with city's school ceo dr. andres alonso. welcome. >> thank you. >> this is the first time we've ever met. and you look in person than you do on tv. you're much longer in person. >> that is what they always say about us. >> that is the number within comment that i get. it's great having you here. you've got any respect because you took a job that anybody in the right mind would not have taken. you just told don you were the
6:50 am
seventh superintendent in how many years? >> in ten years when i took the job. >> did red lights start flashing in your mind thinking what is the problem here? should i take the job? >> not really because most servant systems in america deal with great challenges. the average tenure for a urban superintendent is 27 months. this is what i trained to do and this is what i do. regardless of what i had done in cleveland, detroit, boston, it would have been a challenging job. and the question for me was is this a place where i think i can make a difference? >> after two years, do the people quit? get fired? or all of the above in. >> all of the above. i think most of them are go someplace else. these are highly political jobs in terms of schools being a de
6:51 am
-- being a point of crisis in the cities. and with boards changes and changes in boards there's a call for leadership. and mayors change and there's issues with unions and community and school not performing as they should. it's a hot job. that's what i do. >> your background is education and your degree is in education. are you a teacher in. >> i was a teacher for 12 years. >> no kidding? >> my original background was in law enforcement i was lawyer before i went into education and then i taught for 12 years. i taught emotionally disturbed adolescence in new jersey. >> you are not a man that doesn't walk away from a
6:52 am
challenge. >> i was a wall street corporate lawyer. i wasn't truly happy law practicing law. i was a successful lawyer. i took a risk. i had time and many money in terms of money that i put away and started doing something which i thought was radically different than what i had done in the past as a waive thinking about what i was going to do with the rest of my life and i got hooked. stayed in the classroom for 12 years. >> if you did law school and you taught for 12 years and then into the administration, can we ask your age? >> i'm 52. >> wow!, you parked a lot in 52 years. >> i have an active life and work hard but i love what i do. i got hooked. i don't think i'm spb that i
6:53 am
can do what i don't enjoy for long periods of time. but education is any row indication as not simply my job. here in baltimore, and i think north when i think of education, the work has been extraordinary. the challenges i think are always opportunities. it just signifies that we have not figured out a way to do what kids deserve for to us do for them. >> the system of many opportunities for you? >> extraordinary opportunities. but also. >> everybody else points to extraordinary problems. >> we got tond our on air portion talk with you. but we want people to go to i had no idea what this "coffee with" was going to be like when you whacked in the door. this has been seller. you are the man. >> thank you. >> i mean that sincerely.
6:54 am
>> i'm going to watching and check out your show. >> you don't want to do that. >> i'm at work at 6:30 in the morning. and it's all about -- you better go to the principal's office. >> there's always some kind of challenge. >> and i know we got to go, but i remember when mary was dong a live hot at north avenue. and he came outside to talk to her. >> there must have been a crisis that day. >> sharon has your traffic and first warning weather and we invite to you join us on
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stay with "wjz eyewitness news" st
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